Admissions Process

Determine if Arrowsmith is right for your student

  • Definition of a Learning Dysfunction

  • Online assessment

  • Submit a completed application form and registration fees to the school office.

  • The school office will review the application forms to verify that all information has been submitted.

  • A parent and student interview will be set up with the Arrowsmith Director. The parents and student will be interviewed.

  • After the family interview, a student screening process will take place.

    • The student will need to attend up to two full days in the Arrowsmith classroom.

    • Arrowsmith teachers will screen the student candidate

  • The School office will notify the parents if the applicant is/is not a candidate for the Arrowsmith Program at Heritage Christian Academy.

If your child has been accepted into the Arrowsmith Program at Heritage Christian Academy, the $4,500 Arrowsmith Administrative Fee will be cashed and the testing will be scheduled in the summer (June-August). Students who enroll after the school year has begun and will be tested upon entry.

Tuition & Fees

For all tuition and fees information, download the Enrollment Packets: 

2019-2020 Enrollment Packet