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Arrowsmith program students

Students entering the Arrowsmith Program® have ordinarily been experiencing a range of learning difficulties. We suggest that parents or students review the list of Learning Dysfunctions Addressed which contains a list of the common challenges that our program addresses and their common features.

The typical student enrolled in an Arrowsmith Program® class is of average or above average intelligence, has a combination of the learning dysfunctions that are described in the Descriptions of Learning Dysfunctions on our web site and in our brochure, does not have severe intellectual, cognitive, emotional or behavioral disorders that would significantly affect his or her ability to participate in the Arrowsmith Program®, does not have acquired brain injury or an autism spectrum disorder, is of elementary, secondary or post-secondary school age.

These are guidelines only. There are many students who fall within these guidelines, others who may require further consideration, and still others for whom we feel this program cannot provide meaningful benefit.

BRIDGE students

The BRIDGE is an intensive academic remediation classroom designed to provide a self-paced education where students who have completed their Arrowsmith programming at Heritage Christian Academy are able to acquire academic skills and concepts which were not being learned while in the Arrowsmith classroom. With a student-teacher ratio of 8 to 1 and curriculum designed to focus on areas of learning where students are not yet proficient, this classroom is a suitable environment for students who have the capacity to excel but who, at the present time, do not have all the grade-level skills required to do so.